Ackerman High School
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Type: Public School
Principal: Miles Larson
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Ackerman High School is a fictional school and one of the main settings in the fanfiction Ashes to Stars. The school is supposed to be located in the fictional town of Hart Lake, in Chicago, Illinois, however no school in Chicago is actually named Ackerman. There is however an Ackerman High School located in Ackerman, Mississippi.

The school mascot is the eagle, and the school colors are gold and black.


The school has many classrooms, a faculty lounge, a music room and an auditorium. Sports facilities include a football field and track, a baseball field, an indoor soccer field, a gymnasium, and weight room.



Name Occupation
Sylvia Carson

Dance Instructor

Glee Club Director

Nicholas Haynes English Teacher
Miles Larson Principal
Olivia Olson History Teacher
Jonathan Ross History Teacher

Current Known StudentsEdit

Name Year of Graduation
Ricky Bang Class of 2013
Selena Belle Class of 2015
Zachary Bentley Class of 2015
Brandon Copeland Class of 2015
Jack Gray Class of 2015
Ivy Handers Class of 2016
Aspen Haynes-Schofield Class of 2015
Rohan Haynes-Schofield Class of 2015
Libretta Holland Class of 2016
Carrie Kingsly Class of 2014
Finn Kingsly Class of 2014
Lana Kingsly Class of 2016
Ashton Mayfield Class of 2015
Micheal Mogenson Class of 2015
Kaden Palmer Class of 2014
Stella Patrick-McCoy Class of 2016
Kamren Snow Class of 2015
Jason Story

Class of 2014

Extracurricular ActivitiesEdit

The cheerleading squad are called the Ravens and are rising in success, having won Nationals four times in a row before the fire. They placed third in 2010, and second in 2011. Before the fire, the football team was very successful, having won twelve consecutive National titles. The school also has a basketball, baseball and hockey team but there is little known about them.

Name Current Leader/s Description

Coach: Unknown

Captain(s): Unknown

Cheerleading Squad
Ackerman Eagles


Football Team
Basketball Team Unknown

Basketball Team

Baseball Team Unknown Baseball Team
The Leaches Unknown Glee Club